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  For You who like to travel and see new places, to discover, to learn, to unlearn, to find, to get lost, to let a piece of yourself behind and take something with you back home. Choose a Moroccan Berber carpet and have a unique piece of Morocco in your home. A piece, that symbolises the diversity yet uniqueness of the world and its cultures. A piece, that symbolises the simplicity of everyday life yet the eternity of traditions.




Berber carpets are carpets hand-woven by the Berber autochthones in North Africa and the Sahara. The carpets come in traditional and modern designs, which are distinguished by different knotting patterns, dyes and fabric textures. The origin carpet weaving by the Berber populations dates back several millennia. The hand-spun cloth they created was named for the individual tribe, and they used natural fibres to create cloaks, rugs, and other fabrics.


What is a Real Beni ourain?

Among the traditional Moroccan Berber carpets, the Beni Ourain carpets are considered the most prestigious rugs, made from the very finest wool.

Every rug you take is the only piece, one of its kind.

These carpets – authentic tribal moroccan rugs fully hand-woven by berber women of the Beni Ourain and other neighbouring berber tribes that reside in the North-Eastern Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco – stand out for their simplicity and aesthetics. These carpets were traditionally made for every day’s use, especially used as bedding to keep warm during the cold winter months.

Because of their landlocked and mountainous location in the northern Middle Atlas, the Moroccan berber tribes of Beni Ourain have never been influenced by the Arab-eastern designs. Their rugs have kept their originality, reflecting archaic appearance of minimalist designs, characterised by their white/cream background with asymmetric patterns of diamonds, lines and triangles – simple yet beautiful and timeless designs.

Beni Ourain carpets are handmade, double-knot, un-dyed 100% natural wool carpets. The rugs are made of pure sheep’s wool of high quality; one of this best organic wool is produced out of a unique rustic Moroccan berber sheep breed around the ancient race called ´Marmoucha´.

Come with us on a trip to Morocco and discover the beauty of these carpets

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Good size
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Indigo blue
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The power of Berber weavings is greatly dependent on its specifically female culture influenced much more on pre-Islamic beliefs and spirituality rather than on formal traditions as we know it from the Orient. It seems appropriate to understand these weavings as a transmission or translation of wishes, fears or hopes into powerful individual and expressive images. These carpets were produced to satisfy the functional, existential and spiritual needs of their owners and producers. Designs relate typically to fertility and protection. Motifs and their meanings can be understood with additional knowledge on songs, legends and linguistic denominations but should at the end be interpreted as carefully and respectfully as any other piece of abstract art.


The Huge whites

Henry Matisse


The Beni Ourain rugs´ very artistic designs have inspired many European artists such as Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, Paul Klee, and many famous modernist architects in the 1920’s and 30’s . They got trendy by Henri Matisse, who called them “The huge whites”.

Nowadays, the charm, luxury, and simplicity of these Berber carpets make them the most appreciated rugs in Morocco and a worldwide interior design reference.

These Berber rugs seem to combine a modernist taste of minimalist linearity with the graphic symbolism of primitive art.

The Beni Ourain carpets can be used in many decorating styles, not overloaded with colours and patterns.
Their colour and texture will make all your room furniture look unique and beautiful.


Rare pattern
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Faire comme les Berbères: allier à la géométrie la plus notoire fantaisie

Le Corbusier
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“I don't see them as trendy; I see them as timeless” and ‘’this quirkiness is exactly what makes these rugs appealing to interior designers. They give a room, particularly a cold, modern room, warmth and patina as well as a dose of ethnicity,”

Timothy Whealon
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